Questions & Answers

What is a Guide to Brand Protection?
This edition of the Guide to Brand Protection offers information and advice on how to protect one of the most valuable assets of any business, its brand. It outlines constructive steps that should be taken to ensure a brand remains original and is not unscrupulously exploited or damaged by others.
Why do I need to register/log in?
The guide is protected by copyright and should not be openly shared with non-members of ACG
Can I get any accreditation through the Guide to Brand Protection?
No accreditation is offered through the Guide to Brand Protection at the moment. However this is something we hope to offer at a later date.
Can I speak to the author or a contributor of a section of the Guide to Brand Protection?
If you would like to provide feedback or ask a question relating to the guide or any section of the guide then please email
Can I download the guide as a PDF or any other format?
Currently you can either view online or download the guide and/or sections of the guide as a PDF. We hope to provide alternative formats for e-readers in the near future.
Why can't I log in?
You must be a member of the ACG to log into the website. If you are a member and don't have an ACG website login; or if you do have an ACG website login but are still having problems please let us know by selecting Contact Us at the top of the page and using whichever method suits you best.
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